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This website is based on the archive of Liucijus Suslavičius. Unfortunately there's not a lot of written information in English yet, but you may enjoy the Gallery of Photography. There you will find examples of material used for preparation of the book Automobile in Lithuania 1918-1940 (co-author Klaudijus Driskius), and examples of material collected by Liucijus Suslavičius for a second book - аutomobile of the period of Soviet Lithuania. Unfortunately the second book wasn't prepared. Therefore the purpose of the Gallery will be at least partly realise the idea of Liucijus Suslavičius to publish a second book. In the Gallery you will find the photos related to the theme and made personally by Liucijus Suslavičius in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Germany and other places. No doubt that part of these photos would have been shown in the second book if there was one. Regrettably these photos will never be sorted, named or commented by Liucijus Suslavicius himself, and we will not be able to see them through the eyes of the author. But the possibility to comment the photos by the visitors of the site may at least partly compensate this.

By preparing this site we touched only a small part of Liucijus Suslavičius archive, therefore in the future the site will be amended and improved with further material from his archive and with material sent by colleagues of Liucijus Suslavicius and visitors of the site.